Gaslit: Turning the tables on spyware stalking

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Gaslighting is mental abuse that twists, misrepresents and falsifies information in a bid to destabalise and control the target.  Today, apps on smartphones, tablets and computers offer abusers and stalkers a frightening amount of power over their targets.

In January 20145, the Guardian published an eye-opening piece on Spyware and smartphones: how abusive men track their partners. How can we stop this in its tracks and aid targets of gaslighting and stalking?


Education about technology is empowering. If you understand how your devices work, you are one step closer to disarming stalkers.


Privacy is important to everyone, but where are the apps that help protect us from exploitative practices including stalking?


Could you develop tools to turn stalking apps on their head and record the recording and the threats in a way that could be used by law enforcement?

No app will prevent stalking or mitigate the effect of gaslighting on targets but we can help put a stop to it – together.

Gaslit: Turning the tables on spyware stalking by Edafe Onerhime is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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