B2B Lead Generation: Why I get excited about data reconciliation

Cubo de cerillas - Cube of matches by  Jorge González
Cubo de cerillas – Cube of matches by Jorge González

B2B lead generation is all about connecting with the right people, at the right companies, at the right time and crucially maintaining the right sales funnel. So what does that have to do with data reconciliation?

Data reconciliation is just one tool data experts use to create valuable insight from a messy bunch of data. When you think of valuable B2B lead generation, what makes you really want to tear your hair out?

  • Misinformation?
  • Mistakes?
  • Mystery?

With data reconciliation, data experts attempt to minimise these frustrations by doing what any good researcher would do: cross-checking the facts. How does this work? Let’s look at some examples.

Targeting the right companies can really streamline your sales funnel,  but how do you make sure they’re right?  You probably want to filter and segment, maybe by number of employees, location, or SIC code. Before you do that, it’s really useful to pinpoint the company with a unique reference.

Why? If you can link “Fuzzy Logic Inc Limited” to it’s Companies House number, 08087004, you can pull in financials and a wealth of other information based on that number – the unique and authoritative reference.

A name like “Computer People” is messy because it could be a trading name: in this case, computerpeople.co.uk is actually “Ajilon (UK) Limited” (01458245) not the dormant “Computer People Limited” (01861259). On the other hand, the company name could be mis-spelt, or the company could no longer be trading. Reconciling to Companies House and other authoritative sources, means improving the quality and usefulness of your B2B lead generation list.

Where data reconciliation really gets exciting (and valuable!), is when it’s combined with data mining – a process to dig deeper into available data and pull out fresh insights. For example, it would be helpful to know that “Harrogate & District Travel Limited” (02327319) is one of six subsidiaries of “Transdev Blazefield Limited” (02605399) before you target them. With the data reconciled, this information can be automatically pulled into a single document, saving you time and yet more research.

Better insights can completely change your approach. What would your strategy be if you knew roughly how much Leeds City Council reportedly paid to “Mears Limited” (02519234) in January 2015? (Just over £4 million according to Council Spending on Leeds Data Mill, the highest amount to a limited company).

Data reconciliation is exciting because it paves the way for more advanced techniques; It leads to cleaner, more valuable information. Used correctly, data reconciliation can turn your messy list into a trustworthy, reliable B2B lead generation tool.

Information correct at time of publication but information can and does change, so why not hire me to provide you with up-to-date insights?

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