Top 3 Reasons Developers Shun Your Hackathon

As an independent technologist,  I get invited to a lot of hackathons, deep dives and unconferences. I attend maybe 10% of them. I did a straw poll of my developer and technologist friends, it seems to be a growing phenomenon, Here’s why:

1. Work is not it’s own reward

office4 by IconShockReward is important. If you have low developer attendance, are you offering a suitable reward for their time and effort? If you don’t tune into their WII.FM (What’s In It For Me?), you’ll struggle to convince highly skilled tech folks to give up a paid day, holiday or weekend to attend your event.

Think Rewards: Paid attendance, causes you can get behind, opportunities money can’t buy – what does your event offer?

2. A killer reputation

Like by Yana KulakovaWhen you’ve attended a poorly organised event, you’re understandably reluctant to be fooled again. It may be the event was great but they messed up with the after-sales customer service. You reputation as a great hackathon organiser comes from developers having a great end to end experience.

Think Reputation: Fails like zero feedback, slow or missed payments, poor people skills – which previous faux pas is killing your attendance?

3. Location, location, location

0007_Location by pixelkitI rarely attend hackathons outside West Yorkshire, especially if I’m paying my own way. So bear that in mind before organising an event at a location that’s too out of the way for your hoped-for developers. And at the venue, make sure it’s comfortable and fit for use.

Think kit and comfort: Great wifi, adequate temperature control, unlimited refreshments and plug sockets – are you geared up to remove barriers for a great hackathon?

Three reasons developers shun your hackathon, deep dive or event. A few simple tweaks should improve your attendance.

Hosting a data-intensive hackathon or deep dive? Need an experienced speaker at your next event? Hire me.

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