Make It Easy To Get Hold Of

Good quality open data is accessible; easy to get hold of and easy to use.

Accessible means different things depending on your audience and how much data we’re talking about.

Mostly Human
Mostly Human

Is your audience mostly human?

Publish files humans can use, like spreadsheets for information in rows and columns, and shapefiles for geography.

Tip: Make sure the files aren’t too big to open on an everyday person’s computer.

Mostly Machines
Mostly Machines

Is your audience mostly machine?

Machines can work with spreadsheets or formats like JSON or xml, designed for exchanging data.

Do you have a little data? Start with files but think about making it even easier for machines with an API – a way of accessing information. Think of API as a bartender that serves up your open data.

Do you have a lot of data? You definitely want a good API that lets machines ask for a little data or a lot, ask for new data or just what’s changed, depending on their needs.

Bulk Is Good!
Bulk Is Good!

For everyone

Make it easy to get all your open data in one go – a bulk download. If you’ve got far too much for one download, break your open data into manageable chunks. Don’t forget to squish those files down as much as possible by zipping them up.

See all the tips in one place: Good Quality Open Data

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