Do you feel different now you’re married?

Cross-stitch Love © Edafe Onerhime

We married recently and there’s been a flurry of weddings in our lives, so I’ve been asked this a lot lately.

“No”, I reply, “nothing’s changed. It was a wonderful day but not life changing.”

“So why get married at all?”

Here’s the thing, we choose to marry then for practical & pragmatic reasons but that’s not the point though your mileage may vary. You’re asking the wrong question. The day I felt different, the day my world changed was the day I realised: The day I knew “I want to spend the rest of my life with this person”.

I woke up the next day and everything was different. I was changed. Or as my wife put it: I didn’t rock up to the alter thinking “Yep, marrying her is a good idea!”

So, no I don’t feel different now we’re married. I feel different since the day I committed.

Collated from: “Do you feel different now you’re married — A thread

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