S01E08 A hiatus and a promise

credit: nappy.co — A Black woman with curly hair peeks over a boquet of roses

Taking a break. Plus what’s coming up next.

This is a short note because this weekend I’m mostly resting. I promised myself I would stop and breathe regularly — this is one of those weeks.

It’s been a long one:

  • Preparing for the UK government Comprehensive Spending Review;
  • Learning more about Designing Good Services with Lou Downe;
  • Catching up on life admin.

And lots more.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing next week, so come back refreshed, relaxed and ready to read about:

  • CDO Summer School: Recap of week 3 — “first 100 days, next 300 days” and week 4;
  • Designing Good Services: Reflection on the masterclass and what I learned;
  • Knitting the Network: How might we know the network to knit the network so we can influence ethical positive change?

Catch you next week. Stay safe, stay well.

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