The Tree That Owns Itself

I wonder how many other inanimates own themselves?

What I love:

  • This would make a great title: eye-catching and curious
  • It challenges the concept of ownership being something that belongs solely to humans
  • In database terms, it would be self-referential!

The Tree That Owns Itself

Gaslit: Turning the tables on spyware stalking

imageKeep you free from sin by « м Ħ ж »

Gaslighting is mental abuse that twists, misrepresents and falsifies information in a bid to destabalise and control the target.  Today, apps on smartphones, tablets and computers offer abusers and stalkers a frightening amount of power over their targets.

In January 20145, the Guardian published an eye-opening piece on Spyware and smartphones: how abusive men track their partners. How can we stop this in its tracks and aid targets of gaslighting and stalking?


Education about technology is empowering. If you understand how your devices work, you are one step closer to disarming stalkers.


Privacy is important to everyone, but where are the apps that help protect us from exploitative practices including stalking?


Could you develop tools to turn stalking apps on their head and record the recording and the threats in a way that could be used by law enforcement?

No app will prevent stalking or mitigate the effect of gaslighting on targets but we can help put a stop to it – together.

Gaslit: Turning the tables on spyware stalking by Edafe Onerhime is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Where are you really eating out?

Don't Eat Here Campaign Poster
Don’t Eat Here Campaign Poster

I love TripAdvisor and Yelp. When I’m looking for a new place to eat, I get recommendations from friend, then read reviews to see what its like. And on a Friday night, when I want to a takeaway? Just Eat means I don’t have to worry about having cash at home.

You know what really niggles?

Nothing about how clean the venue is. Nothing, nada, zip – all these sites are missing food hygiene ratings.


The data is out there and I’ve been analysing it this week. I found some surprises…

My idea? Simple: Show up-to-date food hygiene certificates for any place that serves food, as well as the reviews. An out of the way link near the footer isn’t enough:

JustEat Food Hygiene Link
JustEat Food Hygiene Link

After all:

Where are you really eating?


Think you can judge a restaurant’s hygiene by what you see? Think again. Our campaign, which prompts consumers to question the choices they make when eating out, is running across the UK until the end of March 2013. –

Your move Just Eat, Tripadvisor & Yelp.

“Where are you really eating out?” by Edafe Onerhime is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Don’t eat here image” courtesy of Food Standards Agency’Where are you really eating out? campaign.

Cover picture: Quinn Comendant – Food hygiene rating.

Smart City: The Timetable Clock


Why does a timetable need to be a list? Why can’t it be a clock? Especially if you know where you are and where you’re going. There are obvious issues how much you can display but this is much more intuitive for me than a list.

I made this pretotype back in January ‘14 when my partner kept missing her bus. I had half a mind to make it into a digital artefact but my customer was happy with a photo as her phone background.

The Timetable Clock by Edafe Onerhime is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.