Winning with data for nonprofits – resources and guides

The tools, resources and guides nonprofits need to plan, manage and make the best use of their data.

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Where can I get help and advice for my charity or nonprofit?



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What is data?



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Data Protection for nonprofits



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Useful tools



  • WordCounter: Tells you the most common words and phrases [Free]
  • WTFCSV: Tells you all about your .csv file [Free]
  • SameDiff: Compares two or more text files and tells you the differences [Free]


  • BeehiveGiving: Prototype funding tool to match funders and recipients [Free]
  • GrantFinder:  One-stop-shop of information [Paid]
  • Funding Central: Thousands of funding and finance opportunities for voluntary organisations and social enterprises registered in England [Free]


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Open Data

What about open data?

What does open data mean for charities?

Help! I need an open data policy for my charity!

My nonprofit is thinking about open data – where do we start?

My charity wants to “publish who we fund” as open data


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