A Generic Common/Core Data Template – In Trello!

Generic Common/Core Data Template in Trello
Generic Common/Core Data Template in Trello

You know how sometimes you get a brainwave so clever you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel? [Apologies to Blackadder!]

After this piece on Taming Common/Core Data – in 3 simple steps with Artefact Cards, I wanted to make the concept even more grounded by taking away some of the abstraction that tends to come with the territory. A conversation with a colleague later and I’d developed an ideal visual prototype using Trello to organise core data.

The concept is similar to the Artefact cards except:  the board stands in for the box, the lists stand in for the packets and the cards stand in for … the cards. And if you’re wondering what on earth this is all about, go read the piece above.

The Generic Common/Core Data Template is my attempt to wrangle the typical data an organisation captures or uses that is essential for survival: informaiton it must have to operate, comply with regulation or legislation, and report on its activities that is used throughout the organisation.

How do you use it? Copy the board and see what works for your organisation. Remember to ask of each field you consider:

  • What is it for?
  • Is it essential – why?
  • Is it used everywhere in the organisation?