How do I manage information better? 50 tips for humanitarian information

50 humanitarian information management tips that apply to just about every human.

Things I love:

  • The colour: Makes the slides feel instantly less “techie”.
  • The layout: A layered approach to onboarding.
  • The concept: Specific to the humanitarian domain means it can focus on what’s needed there the most.
    • Generic or broad guides can suffer from not being specific enough to be really useful.

Hat tip to my colleague Rory Scott:


The landscape of open contracting tools

You asked: What tools, visualizations, dashboards already exist? Can I use them? Where do I find them?

My latest blog post on The landscape of open contracting tools reviews the landscape to answer these questions and more about open contracting tools. There’s now a great space to share this knowledge. The open contracting collection on the OGP Toobox is growing with tools from around the world to help you engage with open contracting.

With the Open Contracting Tools ‘Show & Tell’ workshop call coming up next week, this is a great time to tell us what tools you use and what tools you need.  Have we missed any tools?

Please suggest the tools you find useful and add your experiences with them in the toolbox or through the open contracting groups. There’s a wealth of tools and resources that help anyone involved in OGP, so do take a look around while you’re there.

Knowledge for everyone? How the ODI Awards 2016 did on gender balance

I  was honoured to present the award for the Publisher category to Data Mill North and delighted that our friends at 360Giving won the in the Women in Open Data category. Here I explore gender balance at the ODI Awards 2016 on the Open Heroines blog.